Impressive cities on cliffs around the world

Cities of Fira and Oia, Santorini, Greece: Santorini is a volcanic island in the Cyclades islands of Greece. It is famous for spectacular views such as the beautiful sunset of Fira and Oia towns, whitened houses and volcanoes still active in their own way. Oia is built atop the majestic cliffs overlooking a volcano submerged under the surface of the sea. As the capital of Fira is a combination of architecture from the Venetian and Cycladic, with white gravel roads and busy stores during that ‘They are hung on the edge of the city on the 400 m high cliffs.
Positano, Italy: Positano is a small town located on the Amalfi Coast of the Compania region, Italy. This city seems to be scattered up and down along a hill overlooking the coast. Although Positano evolved and passed the period especially flourishing in medieval times, in the mid-19th century, more than half of the residents left. In the 20th century, it was transformed from a poor fishing village into a popular tourist destination attracting several tourists. However, if you want to discover unique cities in Asia, Vietnam Cambodia Laos tour packages will be an ideal choice for you.
Al Hajjara, Yemen: Al Hajjara is a city located in the cliff of the mountain of Haraz to the west of the city Manakhah, Yemen. The city is formed from the 12th century with houses solidly built from large blocks of stone. In the town there are several barns and large water tanks to help the villagers during the long siege of the enemy.
Ronda, Spain: Situated on a cliff in the province of Malaga at 760 meters high, Ronda is an impressive city several visitors by the cliff. The city is divided in two by the river Guadalevin which crosses Ronda, located on both sides of the cliff El Tajo.
The cliff Bandiagara, Mali: With more than 500 meters of height, the villages on the side of the cliff Bandiagara look really impressive. The Tellems built dozens of villages along the cliff. Scattered in this cliff are the ancient caves. In the 14th century, the Dogons pushed the Tellem from and up to now, they are still residents in this region.

This is beautiful interview about the limits and possibilities of language and gender, among other things

This is beautiful interview about the limits and possibilities of language and gender, among other things. Such a pleasure to read.
“This dude at a party asked, “Are you a man or woman?” I’m like, “I’m your question.” That’s as whole as I can be right now. I don’t love the term non-binary. I don’t feel freer saying “non-binary” because the binary’s still there. I know it’s there. You know it’s there. So, why are we lying about it? I like post-gender the best. Maybe. But all that language fails me often, so whenever someone asks, my response is, “I am your question.” It is yours. I don’t have a question. You do. And your question, that is who I am.”

Being disloyal to the most loyal politician that joined him early, and stayed with him through the grabbing tape nightmare is astonishing

Being disloyal to the most loyal politician that joined him early, and stayed with him through the grabbing tape nightmare is astonishing.
Firing Sessions would add to the Comey firing as an obstruction issue even though Sessions is recused.
He is only recused on Russia relative to the campaign.
If the FBI/ DOJ have new unrelated issues, Sessions then gets to throw the sink.
20 R senators who like Sessions are really angry about this.
Why would any of them be loyal to DT at this point.
The Sessions treatment will be a classic Poli Sci topic for decades.

Not reported about the self-pardoning issue is disbarment

Not reported about the self-pardoning issue is disbarment.
Mueller will indict or file disbarment against any lawyer who signs on to Trump pardoning himself along with his kids.
The pardoning and self-pardoning will be rolled into the obstruction of justice case, and it will roll the lawyers in as co-conspirators to obstruction.
Trump may dream of being an authoritarian, I don’t know or even care.
A president can not declare war on his own DOJ and expect 100′s of career prosecutors to ignore evidence of crimes if they truly exist.
Pardon the son, and we’ll see you in court.
Pardon yourself and we’ll see you fly to Moscow for asylum.

equal justice under law

equal justice under law. We do not have a monarchy. Let Trump v Mueller duke it out with the Supremes if the evidence convinces a grand jury. If the R’s in the House want to punt, then let the voters in 18 or 20 have their say.
If the facts are there, no FBI or DOJ is going to punt regardless of how many people Trump fires.

Sessions: Screw you

Sessions: Screw you. I will live under the bus.
Trump: Of course I can pardon myself…Covfefe
Trump Jr: : Dad, do I tell the truth to Congress next week ?
Jared : I can’t believe that I am more hated than the Subway Jared pedophile guy
Ivanka: Can I give up this Jewish religious thing now ?
Eric: Can I still sell condos to Russians ??
Melania: How much is in the pre-nup again ?
Bannon: Is it ok to leave the bunker yet?
Conway : Kate McKinnon…can I buy you lunch ?

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